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Specialist CNC Machining Services

Koonze provides a variety of CNC machining services including CNC milling, turning and so much more. This technique is undergoing a revolution in the manufacturing industry. We enable to produce the finest products with the advanced equipment like 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis CNC machines. Besides, our professional engineer team could deal with your mission. Contact us today to get your own project!

CNC Milling

CNC milling is a specific procedure of CNC machining. It is the process of cutting and drilling. CNC mills are categorized according to their number of axis and are traditionally programmed using a set of codes that represent specific functions.

Multi-axis CNC machines

There is a variety of machines that are as a technical support such as 3-axis machines, 4-axis machines and 5-axis machines. The main differences between various types of machines is the ability to cut in different angles and move along different axes.

CNC Turning

CNC turning is an intricate and detailed method of creating custom parts and components using a lathe. This process allows us to machine those products with complex geometries.

This technique offers


When humans make something, it is almost impossible for them to make it exactly the same every time. But machines can do this.

Advantages and Featured Applications

CNC machining is essential for a wide range of technologies. It has emerged as powerful support for manufacturing industry. The most obvious advantages are precision and accuracy. Other advantages would be manifested from the introductions of featured applications.


Over the past years, CNC machining has been an integral part in the field of Aerospace. Precision is fundamental to this area. It requires the exact value on its components.


While CNC machining has entered the medical field, the explosion in the use and availability of medical products have great promise. Due to its advantages of fast turnaround, CNC machining is now at a point where it’s a viable option for quickly creating custom implants designed specifically for individual patients.

Consumer Products

The upgrading time of consumer products is very short. For that, efficiency is the most important factor in production. And exactly, CNC machining can meet this requirement.

Finishing Services

Use our finishing servcies, let your parts look as you designed to. Check out our finishing services as below.

Anodizing | Sanding | Polishing | Painting | Vapor Polishing | Coating | Blasting | More

Customized Prototype Services

If you have your own idea of making products, we try our best to achieve your goal and make it become reality.

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