Injection Molding

The most widely used technique in the manufacturing industry

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Advantages of Injection Molding Services

At Koonze, we offer plastic injection molding services to customers from all over the world with the advanced facilities, which is by far the most common technique in the manufacturing sector. Contact us today to get your own project!

Reduced waste

During the molding process, excess plastic is generated. Plastic injection molding produces low scrap rates relative to traditional manufacturing processes. That is to say, it is another way to save money.

Low cost

Compared with other machining techniques, the labor costs of plastic injection molding are typically lower. That is better up to satisfy customers’ demand.


Whether we’re talking about the plastic properties themselves or your color choices and material selection, it is limitless amount of flexibility.

Injection molding is


Due to its same machining process, injection molding would have a shorter and faster delivery time to market.

Featured Applications

Injection molding is one of the most commonly used production processes for plastics, as it offers a viable solution for mass producing high quality and consistent parts. The process is highly versatile for a wide variety of applications.

Healthcare and Medical

Owing to its properties of flexibility and high-output production, it is the most considerable way that applies in the field of medical.


It is not hard to see injection molding products in our lives like storage boxes, phone case, plastic bottles and so on.

Machinery and Automotive Components

Injection molding is one of the predominant methods used for forming plastic parts within the automotive sector. The molded parts could use in the interior and exterior of a car.

Finishing Services

Use our finishing servcies, let your parts look as you designed to. Check out our finishing services as below.

Anodizing | Sanding | Polishing | Painting | Vapor Polishing | Coating | Blasting | More

Customized Prototype Services

If you have your own idea of making products, we try our best to achieve your goal and make it become reality.

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