Rapid Tooling

Good option for fast production time

Global delivery! Parts made as fast as 1 day!

Benefits of Rapid Tooling Services

Koonze also provides rapid tooling services. It is essentially a machining technique that is enabling you to quickly and cheaply get parts. Contact us today to get your own project!

Fast turnaround

Rapid tooling does create a product mold in quickly. It has a reduced tooling lead time.

Low cost

With the lower cost from rapid tooling, it can be beneficial for companies. The lower the cost of raw materials, the lower the production cost is. You deserve cheap but high-quality products.


Rapid tooling is versatile. When you have an accurate and precise process, you can produce more parts with a wide range of materials.

This technique procedure is


In essence, rapid tooling offers you an excellent option as part of customization for personal applications and prototyping options. It indeed goes a long way in promoting prototyping and injection molding.

Featured Products

It is a low cost, quick and effective way that will allow you to market parts faster. Due to its performances, there are increasing fields that have a demand for applying in rapid tooling. Here are some applications that are used in this technique.

Apply in different machining techniques

Other machining techniques like plastic injection molding and 3D printing could combine with rapid tooling to make parts.

Splinter tool production

Its cost advantage is the most useful because it will enable market testing, which is suitable for low volume production.

Materials of rapid tooling

We make products by high quality Aluminum7075, P20, Nak80 or S136 tool steel. MUD mold base and DFM are also provided via rapid tooling.

Finishing Services

Use our finishing servcies, let your parts look as you designed to. Check out our finishing services as below.

Anodizing | Sanding | Polishing | Painting | Vapor Polishing | Coating | Blasting | More

Customized Prototype Services

If you have your own idea of making products, we try our best to achieve your goal and make it become reality.

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